2 Easy Steps to do Keyword research for SEO without spending a single Rupee.

As we already know that keyword research is very important when it comes to Search engine optimizations and website development and there are many tools out there that help in doing this research but for a cost. Today in this blog I’ll teach you two simple steps to do keyword research for a blog or website content without spending any money.

The Ultimate Guide To SEO Optimization In Simple Terms So let’s dive right into it!


As a beginner, we might not know what are the best keywords that suit our industry like for a digital marketing agency like mine (Crown Ditech) the most relevant keywords can be SEO, SEM or Internet marketing but after a point of time we literally run out of words so why don’t we ask our competitor


Word track scout is a chrome extension that helps to discover keywords from our competitor's website for free. It filters keywords that are most relavant to thier buisness


Go to Chrome Webstore : Search for Wordtracker Scout (or click on this link) Download the extension Then all you have to do is go to your competitor website and click in the W that is located in the right side of the address bar (PFB Image).

A Side bar will appear on the top right of the screen

We have to click on Keywords option and then click copy. We can repeat this step multiple times with different websites to collect maximum keywords.


Once you have copied your keywords its time to arrange them and filter out the similar words for better results Open an excel sheet Paste the keywords one after the other in the same column Select the Column, Go to DATA and click remove duplicates


Now that we have your words, it’s time to choose the appropriate ones for your blog or website content. While choosing them we have to make sure that the volume of the keyword is at least between 500-1000 or above that and the SEO difficulty is below 30 or maximum below 40

But how to find that out for free?

Our next tool will help us in that


Semscoop is a keyword tool that helps in finding out the volume and SEO difficulty of the keywords.


Click on this link: (You will reach the landing page of the website) Now click on “ Keyword tool”

Good! Now click on Import keyword

Import all the keywords that you have copied After you import the keywords a page like this will open in front of you which will show the Volume and SEO difficulty of the keywords.

Now you can choose which keywords you want to use in your content. You can import up to 700 keywords in one go. If you want more then you can repeat this process 2 or 3 times


This is an extra step. You can skip it if you don’t want to do this but follow this step if you are new at blogging.

SEO is not only about keywords it’s also about good quality content. You might have used the best keywords but if people do not understand what trying to convey then the whole effort goes in vain and that's where readability Test Tool comes for your rescue.

Readability Test Tool: WEBFX

This tool helps you in assessing your content in three different ways .

Click on this link (It will take you directly to the homepage of the website)

As we don’t want to publish your content before being 100% sure we should test by direct input.

Just click on "Test by direct input".

Enter your content and click calculate readability.

Underneath the results you will find advice on how to decipher the data. For example Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease tells you how easy your data is to read. The higher the score the easiest it to read the text


I went through a lot of websites and blogs on how to find keywords for free and got en number of information but all were in bits and pieces, nothing was step by step so I decided to write this blog which will help you in finding your relevant keywords without having to spend a single rupee in just two simple steps

Have you found the blog useful? Do you know any similar methods that are simpler than this? Please comment on the below section

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