The Ultimate Guide To SEO Optimization In Simple Terms

When I first started learning about search engine optimization I went through a lot of websites and blogs about SEO’s but as a beginner, there were so many things to process and a lot of facts about SEO that confused me so I decided to write this blog about SEO in absolute simple terms.

Search engine optimization popularly known as SEO is nothing but an algorithm used by search engines for giving us the best results for the words or phrases typed in them. These words and phrases are otherwise called Keywords

This year we stepped into 2020, a modern era of technology that has made almost everything pretty easy and especially getting answers. Search engines like google and bing are capable enough of finding everything we are looking for, from the nearest ATM machines to the best-reviewed restaurants but a consumer can only consume from a seller.


Search engines have more than 1000’s of websites from which it chooses to give us the best results on its first search page. Suppose I am looking for “Freelance designers for hire”

The first-page result shown in search engines is the best and most related result google gives me about my search. Search engines take a lot of things into consideration before flashing these results like our location, our language etc

As you can see in the image. Google has multiple pages and more than 7 lakh results

and the first page as said before is the more accurate one. In these pages the first three and the last two websites are ads

and the websites that are in the middle are organic search results, which means that according to google these are the most accurate answers to our query.


Search engines consider two major facts when considering a particular blog or website to make it an organic search result and that is “Dwell time and Click-through rate”

Let’s find out what they are

CTC (Click through rate) :

As we saw earlier, when we type something in a web browser it shows certain results, and when we click on one of those results it boosts the click-through rate of that website. The more clicks it receives the more accurate the search engine algorithm considers it to be and thus the ranking of that particular page increases.


After we click on a particular website we read the contents inside and there is a good chance that the content is exactly what we are searching but it’s not necessary that it is satisfying. Sometimes we do not get what we are looking for and end up going back to the web browser and looking at other relevant pages but between these steps , the time we spend on that particular page is called Dwell time. The algorithm calculates the time one person spends on the page and then considers it in ranking the website.

Websites work really hard in making their website top the results of the search and there are two types of SEO optimization that play an important role


On-page SEO is controllable SEO. A type of optimization that is totally under our control. Contents and keywords play a very important part in On-page SEO optimization

KEYWORDS: The words and phrases that are used in the contents we write in our websites or blogs that are most relatable to the topic that we are writing it for. It makes easy for the search engines to find our content\

2 Easy Steps to do Keyword research for SEO without spending a single Rupee.

With On-page SEO, we can optimize the quality and quantity of the content using most relatable keyword and start the competition of coming at the top of search results


Off-page SEO is the promotion of the content that we worked really hard on building. Our page needs more click through rate to rank first and for that it needs promotion. We can promote our content through different mediums like social media marketing, backlinks and brand mentions.

  • BACKLINKS: Backlinks happen when another website promotes your content on their blogs or webpages. You can approach the relevant website in your niche and ask them to promote your content and vice versa for mutual benefits.

How long have been learning about SEO optimization? Is there anything you would like to add in this blog? Please let us know in the comment section

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