Top 3 reasons why a website is important for your business in 2020

I have heard a lot of people say that they have listed their business on Google or have a Facebook page but they do not have a website and moreover they do not need a website. Yes it's true that a website is not an absolute necessity for a business but it’s definitely an important factor for your business growth especially in 2020 so I decided to write a blog about three most important reason why a website is extremely important for a business

So let’s dive right into it

#FIRST: Your website explains what you miss out!

Have you ever been in a meeting where you couldn’t finish your conversation because the client was busy or your business call with client got disconnected because of a bad connection and even if the meeting went well, were you able to tell your client everything about your product and service or was there anything that you missed?. No matter how hard we try to prepare there is definitely something that we always forget to mention in a meeting, well your website does that for you. A website displays your product and services in detail and answers all the questions your client or customer might have regarding your business. It gives your client a complete picture of what you do and how you do it. They are able to understand and assess your business better and takes decisions faster. Just like a business card makes you look professional and a website also makes you look really professional and authentic which makes it very important to your business

#SECOND: A website is your authenticity card

Customer feedback or word of the mouth is the oldest and the most beneficial technique that is still used by all businesses. A website not only explains what you do but also tells your potential customers how you do it. Customer testimonial are a very strong authentication key for all companies and you can use websites to display those testimonials for your customers to believe in you. You can also showcase photos of your earlier work for people to understand what type of services you do and that is also the best way to show your skills for the services you provide

#THIRD: Your website is there when you are not!

As an entrepreneur it’s our responsibility to always be available for our clients and customers but sometimes it’s not possible to be available 24/7 but a website does that for you. A website forms the best way of communication between you are your customers. A website makes it very easier to find you and reach you and that too by the right audience. Websites can be customized according to your target audience, if you are a small business looking for customers nearby your physical store then you can use Local SEO services to target the audience according to their demographics and if you are looking for likeminded people then your SEO can be optimized using interests and behaviors Websites also helps you in collecting a lot of leads using pop-ups and contact forms and you can even optimize the kind of information that you require from your customers


Many people think that a good website is very expensive and not necessary but that’s actually not true at least not in 2020. Getting a website has become very cheap and in fact we design websites for you at a starting price of Rs.5000 with a free domain customized completely according to your requirements. Get in touch with @ 9384168323/9176231609 and we will solve any queries you have regarding website designing

Kindly let us know if you have had the same experience and why a website is important to you below in the comment section

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